Spectrum Heaters — Full-Spectrum Heat That Is Safe & Effective

Our Spectrum Plus heaters have 3 advancements made with your health in mind:

  • The ability to get to a higher max temperature of 170°—higher sauna temperatures have proven health benefits.

  • Carbon and ceramic heaters—the best heater combination in the sauna industry, specifically placed for whole-body therapy, so you get the highest healing potential possible. 

  • Low radiation—for the heaters AND the entire sauna, so you get a safe sauna experience. 

Plus, unlike many infrared saunas on the market, our saunas don’t use dangerous food heat lamps.


Our Heaters Give You A Higher Core Body Temperature Than Other Infrared Saunas

Why does this matter?

Because science shows benefits of HIGHER temperatures.

Various studies show benefits of saunas at higher temperatures, including the large-scale Finnish studies, which show benefits at around 170°.

Sauna use activates heat shock proteins (HSP).1 Heat shock proteins repair damage and make proteins return to their normal structure, which has many beneficial impacts on your health and offers a way to slow the effects of aging.

For example, after healthy men and women sat in a heat stress chamber for 30 minutes at 163 °F, their levels of HSP increased by 49%.2

Getting to higher temperatures ensures you get the maximum health benefits—our saunas have a max temperature of 170°, unlike many competitors.

Full-Spectrum Infrared Heat

Influence Saunas are full spectrum. The Spectrum Plus heaters produce far- and mid-infrared heat. The Spectrum Carbons produce far-infrared heat. And the LED lights in the sauna produce near-infrared heat.

Each portion of the spectrum of electromagnetic radiation has its own purpose for your health.

The combination of the full spectrum of infrared frequencies (near, mid, and far) in Influence Saunas ensures you get optimal health benefits each session—for faster, deeper, greater healing potential.

Our manufacturer took the research and methodologies from traditional rock sauna elements and engineered a safe and highly effective Incoloy heater.

This heating technology produces a clean and natural infrared, unlike typical ceramic heaters.

You get high-output therapy to maximize every sauna session in less time.

Effective Heat Without Using Food Heat Lamps

Almost all brands offering full-spectrum infrared saunas are doing so with hazardous food heat lamps.

These food heat lamps produce dangerously high EMFs—and they aren’t positioned close enough to the body to achieve the benefits they claim.

3 reasons why food heat lamps don’t belong in infrared saunas:

  • High EMF radiation levels. In tests, every heat lamp produced extremely high and unsafe EMF levels.

  • Benefits not achievable with distance. Your body has to be within 6-10 inches from the heat lamp to get benefits. However, most of these lamps are positioned on the front wall of the sauna, which is further than 6-10 inches.

  • Dangerous high heat. Some food heat lamps reach over 400°, which could easily cause 2nd or 3rd-degree burns if touched.

Our Heaters Are Certified Safe

Our Spectrum Plus heaters are also one of the few infrared sauna heaters in the world to hold the highly prestigious mark of Underwriters Laboratories (UL).

UL is a global independent safety science company with more than a century of expertise innovating safety solutions.

Taking our research even further, we have designed this heater to be low EMF by utilizing the research of leading experts in the field of radiation exposure, including Bill Cadwallader.

Influence Sauna’s Spectrum Plus heaters give you deep body penetration, low radiation levels, and full-body therapy that is safe and effective.

Check out our affordable, well-made infrared saunas for your home today.