This ergonomic backrest is designed to amplify your sauna experience. The design follows the curve of your body, distributing your weight evenly when you lean against it. Have any back issues? This backrest will will feel great whether you do, or not! A comfortable backrest is a necessity for enjoying the ultimate comfort in your infrared sauna.

Included with your sauna!

This soft and durable cushion adds even more comfort to your infrared sauna. It’s covered in vinyl, so it won’t mold or smell bad. A seat cushion creates a sauna experience you’ll love, whether you’re sitting or lying down!

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Don’t have space in your home for your infrared sauna? With an outdoor cover, you can keep your sauna outside. Protect your investment from the elements with this durable and well-made cover. If you’re going to set up your infrared sauna outside, you need an outdoor cover for protection.

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