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Why Influence Sauna?

  • A Company You Can Trust. All Influence Saunas are built by a manufacturer who’s been creating quality saunas for 45 years.

  • A Price You Can Afford. The prices are lower than other high-quality units. We want more people to enjoy the benefits of an infrared sauna in their home.

  • Highest-Grade Construction. Each sauna uses quality materials, such as eco-certified, grade "A" Western Canadian Red Cedar interior and advanced Spectrum+ heaters to ensure beautiful and long-lasting saunas.

  • Easy to Assemble. No special wiring, plumbing, or ventilation required. You'll only need simple tools. The design is easy to set up, and to take apart and reassemble. 

  • Safe and Tested. Our saunas undergo rigorous health and safety inspections, including 3rd-party tests and certifications, so you can feel confident in your purchase.



Hundreds of 5-star Reviews

Lynn Foster
Nancy Schafner
Jennifer Bell
Caroline Lowman
Deborah Callahan
Affordable, Small size that fits in my bedroom and plugs in 110 plug. The heater that goes up to 170 degrees. The wood is beautiful and its fairly easy to set up with two people, all the screw holes lined up correctly! I would recommend this sauna to anyone looking for an affordable sauna that looks amazing and the functionality and performance is top notch.

- Deborah Callahan

Erika Blumenfeld
I love so many things about my sauna! I really appreciate that it is built with natural cedar and non-toxic materials. After learning more about the scientific research, I really liked that it can achieve 170-degrees. I also love that it has all three infrared spectra. Finally, it is such a huge convenience that it is designed to plug it into a normal outlet.

- Erika Blumenfeld

Karen K.

I’m very impressed with quality. I wasn’t sure what to expect by ordering online without having seen it in person. It didn’t disappoint. I’ve bragged on this to all my neighbors. I love that the sauna heats up to 170 without the need of calling my electrician. All the other saunas I looked at could barely reach 150 degrees and I had to spend $400 to wire it.

- Karen K.
Caroline Lowman
I love my Influence Sauna and look forward to getting in every day! The cedar smells great and it looks beautiful in my house. I sweat every time I get in and it feels so cleansing. I'm able to listen to whatever music, audio book, or podcast that I want to and choose lighting to match my mood each day. Definitely makes it feel like my own personal retreat and time away from life/work/kids to de-stress. Best purchase I have made in a very long time!
- Caroline Lowman

Best Investment for Health

"Just three sessions a week for three months, and my chronic neck pain is finally gone.
I can say without a doubt that regular infrared sauna therapy was the best investment I’ve made for my health and the health of my family.

It moved the mark on our health the fastest and most noticeable, more than anything we’ve done prior. It has exceeded my expectations.”

Kelly R.

Easy to Purchase
& Use

“The sauna was easy to purchase. Easy to put together. I have loved being able to use it in the privacy of my home. 

I have enjoyed my sauna more than I ever dreamed I would. It doesn't take up much space, so if space is an issue you can still make it work. Because it is in my home, it is convenient and easy to use, and I can use it every day.

It requires very little time and maintenance for care and cleaning. It is a wonderful aid for good health.”

Linda M.

Outstanding Materials
& Craftsmanship

“I use this sauna every night and love the improvement in my sleep. Because it takes away inflammation that can occur from running, I am able to work out the next day consistently without achy joints. My skin is so healthy and radiant since using the sauna.

I like the integrity of the company, and the materials and craftsmanship they have chosen is outstanding. I feel it is an environmentally friendly and health-conscious product. Service from the sales staff was very helpful in choosing which unit would suit my needs.”

Claudia S.

3 Features That Set
Influence Saunas Apart

#1 Spectrum Infrared Heaters 

Our Spectrum heaters are proven to be more effective than other infrared heaters. Your body will be surrounded (360°) by full-spectrum infrared rays—for maximum healing results.

Most importantly, getting to higher temperatures is where saunas are proven to be truly therapeutic. 

Influence Saunas get to 170° safely and quickly—with one of the fastest heat-up times in the industry. 

Various studies show benefits of saunas at higher temperatures, including the large-scale studies out of Finland, which show benefits at around 170°


#2 High-Quality

Western Canadian Red Cedar

Each Influence Sauna is made with grade “A”  Western Canadian Red Cedar and Thermal Plus European Aspen—the ONLY woods that should be used in sauna construction.

Cedar is naturally antimicrobial and prevents mold and fungi from growing inside. No chemicals or toxic glue are used, so no off-gassing.  Thermal Plus is sustainable and hypoallergenic.

Plus, the premium-cuts used for Influence infrared saunas is naturally dried to preserve the wood's natural state—your sauna will keep its bacteria-killing benefits and its fresh smell.


#3 Low Radiation

EMF Reduction | ELF Reduction

When you choose Influence Sauna, you’re getting an infrared sauna that has taken many steps to lower all radiation levels within the sauna.

Influence Saunas were tested by a NASA award winning EMF testing facility and certified by a building biologist. 

Influence Saunas use advanced and proprietary shielding, which is recommended by an EMF radiation specialist. We also use a proprietary method to route our cables. An Influence sauna exclusive.


Why Choose
an Infrared Sauna?

An infrared sauna uses healing rays that heat not just the skin, but also organs and tissues, leading to more health benefits

A traditional steam sauna only heats the atmosphere, and it can be hard to breathe and uncomfortable to be in them. 

Influence Saunas are full-spectrum, which refers to the entire infrared spectrum: near-infrared, mid-infrared, and far-infrared.


Safe & Proven Benefits of Infrared Saunas

In recent decades, compelling data is proving sauna bathing to improve overall health, slow aging, and increase healthy longevity.

Here are only some of the specific health conditions saunas can help:

  • Weight loss
  • Pain and inflammation
  • Detoxification
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Immune function
  • Mental health
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Beauty

“Give me a fever, and I can cure any disease.”

—Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine

Influence Sauna Features


Plus Heaters


Spectrum Carbon
360 Heaters




Upgraded Wiring
EMF / ELF Reduction


Bluetooth + Reservation Controller




Ergonomic Bench


FSC™ Grade "A"
Eco-Cedar & Thermal Plus Aspen

Influence Sauna

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1 Person

1-Person Sauna

Demand is very high, and right now, shipping isn’t a fast process, with the pandemic and disruptions in manufacturing. The industry standard for shipping saunas is 5 months, and we expect to beat that

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Hybrid 2.0

2-Person Sauna

Demand is very high, and right now, shipping isn’t a fast process, with the pandemic and disruptions in manufacturing. The industry standard for shipping saunas is 5 months, and we expect to beat that

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3-4 Person

4-Person Sauna

Demand is very high, and right now, shipping isn’t a fast process, with the pandemic and disruptions in manufacturing. The industry standard for shipping saunas is 5 months, and we expect to beat that
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